Cove Cottage Project Reveal: A Whole House Remodel

May 9, 2023

Julie Sanfilippo

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whole house remodel

Project Kickoff: Whole House Remodel

What’s the first rule of real estate? Location, Location, Location! Well, the homeowner of our Cove Project definitely followed that rule. It was love at first site for us with this sweet cottage on the cove in Barrington, Rhode Island.

This waterfront cottage is the perfect vacation home for our client, providing a much needed retreat from the city and a place to gather with friends and family. Though the location was ideal, the house itself needs some updates and our client wanted help planning and executing a whole house remodel, our specialty!

The Plan

There is not much of this house that wasn’t touched, the floors on the entire main floor were redone, the kitchen, the 1/2 bath, both bedrooms and the ensuite bathroom as well as the lower level bathroom and bedroom were remodeled. The only untouched space was the lower level family room.

Our clients feature priorities were a steam shower with a bench large enough to lay on, increased closet space, adding a bar area and improving the kitchen storage and function.

Here are some of our original mood boards and renderings.

Bedroom & Ensuite Design

The old ensuite was a long narrow space. It had a large tub but basically no closet space. We took the old tub area to create a great closet and relaid out the bathroom into a smaller but functional and beautiful space. The shower has a luxurious steam feature and large bench so you can relax and enjoy it. The custom floating vanity is a gorgeous natural walnut with great storage.

The bedroom is a small room but has high ceilings. We removed a non functioning fireplace (along with the chimney!) and added a feature wall to draw you into the space and have your eye travel up, making the room feel larger. Floating nightstands, modern fixtures, and wall-mounted sconces all provide an updated yet inviting atmosphere that complements the rest of the home perfectly.

Kitchen Updates Design

The original plan for the kitchen in this whole house remodel was to keep the existing base cabinets and add a couple of custom cabinets for the pantry space and to enlarge the island. New countertops, hardware, open shelving, and lighting were also in the plan. New kitchen cabinets would have been great, but they just weren’t in the budget. However, once the rest of the house was being transformed the homeowner decided to increase the budget some to paint the existing cabinets. We analyzed the color in the space and landed on this very deep blue (Baritone – C2 – 741).

The dark color of the cabinets draws your eye to the space, which is visible from the entryway. The ceiling slopes down to be pretty low so the open shelves in this case make the space feel more open and airy. The white countertop and backsplash offset the dark cabinets to keep the space bright. 

Taking the chimney out from roof to basement was a big undertaking but it allowed us to create a fabulous walk-in wet bar for coffee, tea, wine and cocktails. Perfect for our entertainment loving client!

Other Details

While kitchens and bathrooms really are some of the most used spaces in any home, it’s all the small details that really make a space feel complete. The hardwood floors, new doors, moldings, and hardware elevate the style of this project and make it feel complete. The doors are solid 5-panel shaker doors, a modern choice that works with the homeowner’s style. The floors are white oak in a wide plank and the black hardware throughout adds a modern touch to this whole house remodel.

To stay updated with our latest projects, follow us on Instagram and take a look at the beautiful transformation of our Cove Cottage Project.

Photographer: Adeline & Grace Photography – Barrington, RI

Builder: B. Hughes Builders – Barrington, RI


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