Classic New England Style Kitchen by Rhode Island Home Interior Design firm

Rhode Island Inspired Interior Designs | Classic New England Style with a Modern Twist

Nestled in the heart of New England, Rhode Island’s charm, rich history, and stunning coastline serve as a boundless source of inspiration for us at Cedar House. 

May 24, 2024

Erika Twohig

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As Rhode Island Interior Designers,  we redefine the essence of interior design by blending the classic allure of New England style with a modern twist, crafting spaces that teem with life and warmth. Our design philosophy transcends mere aesthetics, focusing on creating spaces that are not only inviting and fresh but also timeless in their appeal. This distinct balance ensures that each home we touch remains vibrant and welcoming, standing the test of time.

Design, to us, is significantly more than crafting a visual identity; it’s about narrating your unique story. At Cedar House, we’re not just designing spaces; we’re sculpting the backdrop for your life’s stories, ensuring they are told in the most authentic and beautiful way possible.

Our design philosophy is rooted in creating family friendly spaces that are simultaneously warm, welcoming, and undeniably fresh; intentionally creating an environment where your story takes center stage.

At the heart of Cedar House’s distinctive style is a masterful blend of traditional elements with a modern flair, creating spaces that are uniquely New England yet universally charming. Our approach centers around:

  • Warm Use of Color: The strategic application of warm colors adds depth, vibrancy, and a soothing ambiance to our designs.
  • Rich Wood Accents: These elements introduce a layer of tradition and texture, evoking the timeless charm of New England interiors.
  • Optimizing Natural Light: Our designs maximize the use of natural light, creating airy, bright spaces that invite relaxation and comfort.
  • Thoughtful Textiles & Furnishings: Patterns, textiles, and home furnishings are chosen with care to reflect contemporary sensibilities while nodding to classic influences, ensuring each space is both family friendly and timeless.
Rhode Island Interior Design - Classic New England Style with a Modern Twist - Farm View Kitchen
Rhode Island Interior Design - Classic New England Style with a Modern Twist - Bowden House Wet Room

Target Audience

Our designs cater to a diverse clientele that value both tradition and innovation. 

Homeowners across New England and beyond find resonance in our approach, seeing their homes transformed into havens of comfort and style that reflect their personal tastes while maintaining timeless style and optimizing practical design elements to enhance daily living.

Beach House New Construction

Our Interior Design Portfolio Highlights

Portsmoth, RI Interior Design

Our portfolio showcases a range of projects that embody the Cedar House ethos: 

  • Refreshed New England Style: Projects that epitomize our unique ability to update and elevate traditional New England design for modern living.
  • Timeless: Projects that stand the test of time, combining classic aesthetics with contemporary functionality.
  • Coastal Retreat: Homes that capture the serene essence of New England’s coastline, blending airy spaces with hints of coastal charm and luxurious features.
  • European Inspired: Spaces infused with European elegance and thoughtful use of space, authentically weaving a diverse stylistic influences into the New England fabric.


Cedar House remains committed to creating harmonious and functional spaces that honor the heritage of New England style while pushing the boundaries of conventional design. Our work is a testament to the power of innovation melded with tradition, offering a refreshed vision of family friendly effortless luxury for homeowners who seek sophistication without losing warmth or comfort.