Modern Colonial Remodel

Julie Sanfilippo

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Today we are sharing one of our favorite projects to date. When we met these clients we connected with them from the start. That’s super important because it’s been a long process (even longer thanks to the pandemic) but construction is about to kick off and we are so excited to see these changes come to life. Today we’re going to share some of the plans and talk about certain decisions that were made and why. Obviously this is a really condensed look at the process, but it definitely covers the highlights!


We always start with a consultation to get a better understanding of our clients needs and wish list. For this project the ask was to have a better flow and as much light as possible. They loved the big window they had in their breakfast nook area but hated that that nook backed up to the peninsula and the kitchen was super dark and not functional for their growing family. They also didn’t have a mudroom space, huge problem! They did have a full bathroom where they only needed a 1/2 bath.


As I mentioned above one of the biggest challenges for the layout was the bump out window for the breakfast nook because you couldn’t continue the kitchen run straight across. We originally tried to work a pantry into that space (as well as a couple of other options), but that meant losing the window which we knew would take away a lot of light – so they weren’t quite hitting the mark. We kept working through ideas and came to the solution below. It’s certainly not a straight forward/traditional kitchen layout but we were really excited about how it would function and keep the light. The best part? The homeowners loved it too! This remodel doesn’t just include the kitchen though, we also flipped the laundry and bathroom so we could fit a mudroom space in with the laundry. Removing the wall to the dining room and increasing the opening to the living room also help open up the flow and allows more light into the house.

The kitchen features a huge island with seating for 5, it also house the microwave, wine fridge and an extra oven. The stove area has tons of prep space by the nook window. We added some open shelves to the sides of the nook for a nice detail and a little extra storage. The sink centers over one of the 2 large windows overlooking the back yard.


Next we worked through the finish selections. The main cabinets will be white and the island will be a beautiful navy blue. Brass fixtures and hardware bring warmth to the space. the choices were selected to appeal to the couple’s modern style but still fit within the style of the home. Running the hardwoods through from the rest of the house makes the space flow and also brings warmth to the room.

The planning and selections and ordering area all in place so the next step is construction! We cannot wait to share the progress on this beautiful home!


The final reveal can be seen here.

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